The Health Benefits Of Playing Tennis

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Tennis is a most versatile game and can be played as a sport or as a recreational activity with friends. Playing tennis is a great sport to improve health, fitness, strength and agility. It has been calculated that an hour-long game of singles tennis burns around 600 calories for men and 420 calories for women.

In addition to the fitness and physical health benefits, tennis also provides numerous social and mental health benefits as well.

Health Benefits

Tennis is a great sport and terrific fun to play, it has also the capacity to offer other massive benefits as well.

  • It increases aerobic capacities
  • It reduces blood pressure and lowers resting heart rate
  • It improves metabolic function
  • It increases bone density
  • It lowers body fat
  • It improves muscle tone, strength and flexibility
  • It also increases reaction times

Other Benefits

As well as all the physical health benefits that the sport can offer, tennis is also beneficial to players for a myriad of other reasons.

  • It is a non impact sport so serious physical injury is not common
  • Tennis is a terrific social sport and a great way to meet people
  • It is one of the few sports that is suitable for all ages, sexes and skill levels
  • Proven to help reduce stress
  • It is not dependent on youth or strength, many players play on late in their lives
  • It is played almost everywhere in the world

Tennis is extremely popular across the world and can be played in organised competitions as well as socially. In order to play tennis you need a racket, a ball, a court and an opponent.

Courts are for hire either from clubs or publically in just about every town in every country worldwide. If you don’t have a playing partner most clubs host organised social play, competitions and tournaments that will provide willing fellow tennis players to act as opponents.

How To Avoid Injury

Although tennis is not a contact sport there are still some nasty injuries that can be picked up such as muscle strains and repetitive injuries. However, there are certain actions you may take to prevent such injuries.

  • Avoid playing with a pre-existing illness or injury
  • Warm up your muscles before play
  • Maintain a good fitness level, undertake conditioning and training exercises specific to the sport
  • Repetitive strain injuries are common, particularly through repetition of strokes. Correct technique and playing the volume of tennis appropriate to your fitness levels can prevent injury. Keep hydrated and drink fluids regularly.
  • Also play at your level, play opponents close to your own age and physical condition.
  • If the conditions are wet, consider playing indoors or cancel the game. Slippery surfaces can cause bad muscle injuries.

Tennis has been proven as a good sport for maintaining health, fitness, strength and agility. It also has wonderful social and psychological benefits.

You can play with a club and become a competition player or you can simply play socially in the park with friends or family. You can even play doubles as a family and spend quality time exercising as a unit.

Don’t try to overdo it and try to mix up your physical activity with other low impact sports to keep your general fitness and health up.

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