The Best Forehand Shots

The Best Forehand Shots

The forehand is probably used more often than any other shot in the game, especially at a social level. It utilises your dominant hand and is probably the first shot that you will learn when taking the game up.

Your forehand will probably be one of your most potent attackings weapon in a match, but it will take a lot of practice with your tennis coach to master a really good one.

The Tennis Forehand

Although a relatively simple stroke to play it effectively is another matter. The grip you use should be either a Western / Eastern or a Continental although it does depend on what sort of forehand you are playing.

Probably the most efficient ways of delivering the forehand is by bringing your favoured arm and foot back, and balancing out maximum weight into this position. This allows for a tremendous amount of power forwards into the ball once the weight is shifted from rear to the front at the point of hitting.

Types Of Forehands

There are six types of forehand shots:- Flat shot, Topspin, Slice, Inside out, Moon Ball and Swing volley.

  • Topspin – the topspin forehand obviously utilises topspin, which makes the ball drop towards the ground faster, this means the ball bounces higher and is harder to return. This shot should be played with an Eastern or Western grip.
  • Slice – the slice forehand utilises backspin, which will cause the ball to bounce lower and also change direction when it travels through the air and hits the ground. A Continental grip is needed to perform this shot.
  • Swing – this shot is an aggressive approach shot when you perform a tennis forehand before the ball has had a chance to hit the ground, giving your opponent no time to react.
  • Inside Out – to play this shot you have to run around your backhand in to hit a forehand. This shot is used when the player has adequate time to control the general direction of where the ball is going..
  • Moon ball – a moon ball is really a lob with topspin. The moon ball is normally used to change the pace of a rally in order for you to regroup and to give you more time. Basically a defensive shot but it can be used aggressively by hitting the ball over the opponent’s head when they are at the net volleying.
  • Flat shot – this is a very fast and powerful shot, that will land deep into the court, putting your opponent under a lot of time pressure. The grip needed is a Western Grip.

Most recreational players do not master all six types of forehand shots, but the more you can grapple with and get proficient at playing the more armoury you will have. You will be a better attacking and defensive player and therefore be able to challenge different styles of play.

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