The Art of Tennis Strategy

tennis strategy

Tennis is an unpredictable game, just trying to hit the ball as hard as you can will not guarantee you will win the shot. You won’t always have the time to hit a winner also, this is when strategy comes into play.

Tennis strategy is really all about out thinking your opponent, using a variety of shots and techniques that can range from setting yourself up for a winner, forcing your opponent to make an error. Following are some basic strategies you can use when playing singles tennis.

Tennis Strategies

You strategy is governed to a certain degree on what your style is, but you can alter this. The most common styles in tennis are: Counter Pusher, Aggressive Baseliner, All-Court and Serve-and Volley.

If you have managed to harness one particular style it will definitely make you play better, but if you can play the other three styles then you have mastered a comprehensive game.

Counter Pusher

A very defensive style and a popular way for modern players to play. Basically it is someone who just pushes back any shot and not looking for winners. It is a strategy to play safe and wait for your opponent to make a mistake.

To play this strategy well you need to be fit and have plenty of stamina, also be a careful player that does not make errors. This sort of player thinks of himself as a wall, with the sole objective of returning the ball.

Aggressive Baseliner

As you would imagine, the Aggressive Baseliner spends nearly all his time on the baseline, and tries to out-power the opponent playing aggressively. The goal is to hit the ball hard and deep, that lands several feet back from the service line, which eventually overpowers the opponent.

These types of players are not afraid to make mistakes with big shots, but only calculated ones where there is an opening, these types of players are happy to hit the ball from side to side probing for a mistake.

All Court Player

Possibly the most tricky opponent to face, they do not have one big shot and have many shots at their disposal. The goal of an All Court Player is to out fox the opponent keeping them guessing with a variety of shots and by changing their style to try to catch their opponents off guard.

To be an all court player, you need to be proficient at shot playing and not afraid to mix your game up.

Serve & Volleyer

Often classed as a traditionalist, there are not many exponents of the serve-and-volley game, but these opponents are serious players.

Normally these sort of players are fit and great net players, with perfect volley technique. This style has been getting rarer as the development of the tennis racket gives more advantage to players who hit hard and deep.

This strategy only really works against counter pushers and will normally fail against the other two.

Work on what is the best strategy is for you with your tennis coach, a mixture of all four is the best way forward but you might have to aim for that long term.

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