Is Tennis Just A Game

Many people take their tennis very seriously, even when playing socially. Perhaps it is the natural competitive instinct in all of us. But occasionally it is good to step back and just look at the game of tennis, and realise that it is only a game after all.

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Australian Tennis

Guide To Attending A Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments

The four big Grand Slam Tournaments take place in Melbourne, London, Paris and New York. If you are an avid tennis fan and have yet to attend any of these prestigious events personally then this blog is a guide to help you attend one should you be thinking of it.

Obviously most Australians would find it easier to travel to Melbourne than the other far fetched places, but even so there are tips that you can take on board to make your visit as memorable as possible.

Quite often your local club arranges trips and outings to big tournaments so it is worth contacting people like Tennis World Lane Cove to see if they are organising anything.

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Australian Tennis

How To Build Up Your Endurance and Strength

Tennis is not a five minute game, to last a whole match you must have stamina and endurance to survive. Unlike team games there is no place to hide, and only at the end of every couple of games you can have a seat for a couple of minutes.

It is fundamentally highly important that your strength and endurance are at the highest possible levels to play tennis consistently and well.

Personal training with your tennis coach can help to achieve this and the exercises below will also assist.

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Percentage Tennis

How To Play The Percentages

Playing tennis on slower courts generally means that rallies are longer and therefore playing percentage tennis is more advisable than going for more risky winning type shots.

How do you perfect a percentage game and not let natural enthusiasm take control over you. It is a good idea to introduce this type of play when you are playing socially to perfect the shots and see the benefits.

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Sleep Before Match

How To Sleep Properly Before A Big Match

Preparing for a big match involves many facets; proper training, a balanced diet and fluid intake, adequate warm up exercises, mental preparation, competitor knowledge etc.

But the night before a crucial game is also very important that your body and brain has sufficient sleep. Trying to be involved in match play is difficult enough without fatigue.

Most players will prepare their racket bag and have a game plan already worked out, but good professionals will include a good night’s sleep as part of their preparation.

A good night’s sleep is essential for everybody in all walks of life, here are some tips to attain one.

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Cope With A Loss

How To Cope With Losing At Tennis

Tennis can be an extraordinary emotional game especially playing singles. Depending upon the match and its importance, the sport can throw up a tie that can take over three hours to complete, whilst the contestants are battling physically and mentally to endure.

Some people can shake off a loss quickly, while others cannot get it out of their heads. We all cope with loss in a different way, but what are the best ways of coping with a defeat?

We all love matches that are bitterly fought over and the sense of elation of achieving a win can be immense, however accepting defeat could be far harder than you think. Even if coming to terms with losing is difficult it is an unavoidable part of the game. To put this in perspective, consider that of the 128 players competing in a Grand Slam, 127 will have to cope with loss which demonstrates the best players in the world lose too.

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The Emotional Game Of Tennis

The Emotional Game Of Tennis

Most sports elevate one’s emotions, both for the competitors and especially for the spectators. Tennis is no difference and as a player it can be highly emotional winning or losing against your opponent.

It is a singular sport where one cannot rely on team members to help you through the game (unless in doubles) and often the mental strain can be draining.

Quite often players that can channel their emotions during the heat of matchplay often is the only defining factor that determines the winner.

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Coaching Tips

Coaches Tips To Improve Your Game

Who are the best people to take tennis advice from? Simple really the top coaches. Every good club has tennis pro’s that are available to help you develop your game, and Tennis World Lane Cove are no exception.

The following is a mix of top tips that were given to many of the best former Australian players by their favourite tennis coaches.

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Mental Side Of Tennis

The Mental Game Of Tennis

Tennis is very much a mental game, almost like chess in that respect. Especially if you are playing singles tennis most of the time.

Players invest hours on the training court improving technique and developing the physical ability required for ultimate performance. But surprisingly little attention is paid to the psychological skills required to compete.

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