Tennis Techniques

Tennis Singles Strategies

Singles tennis is one of the greatest one against one competitions there is in sport. Although technique is a priority to playing tennis, hitting the ball well does not guarantee that you will win games. If you meet an equal or superior player than you will need something else to gain victory.

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David Ferrer Analysis

David Ferrer Game Analysis

A good way of improving your own game is by watching the pro’s play. Pick your favourite player and review video footage with your tennis coach or you playing partner, and analyse the parts of your game that needs improvement and how the pro copes with the same shot.

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ANZ Tennis Hot Shots

Tennis Hot Shots A World Class Starter For Kids

The Tennis Hot Shots program is the national starter tennis programme for children. It is just for kids with smaller courts, shorter rackets and softer balls mean kids can play a proper game of tennis from the moment they step on court.

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Improve Your Tennis

Forehand Tips

Working on your game with your tennis coach will obviously improve how you play, so will constant game time with your friends and tennis partners.

But you can always augment this with tips and advice from advanced players. In this blog we concentrate on some tips and tennis tricks to aid your forehand.

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June/July Holiday Camps

The dates for our upcoming camps are…
Camp 1: Monday 26th June – Friday 30th June 2017
Camp 2: Monday 3rd July – Friday 7th July 2017
Camp 3: Monday 10th July – Friday 14th July 2017

Camp 4: Monday 17th July

So we have the the whole holidays covered for you!

Game Analysis Sloane Stephens

Game Analysis – Sloane Stephens

One of the upcoming players on the women’s American scene is Sloane Stephens. Many players both female and male could benefit from watching video footage of how Sloane plays.

Modern Tennis Coaches have been influential in the development of Sloane at an early game, so her technique is pretty good.

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Teaching Kids Tennis

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program is all about one thing, teach kids tennis. It is a carefully designed program that can help every child of every age group, no matter their physical ability and enables them to interact with other kids in a positive and healthy way.

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John McEnroe - Game Analysis

John McEnroe – Game Analysis

Watching the professionals play tennis can give you a good insight how to play the game as they do. You can pick up invaluable tips and a number of ways to improve your technique as well as learning strategy and tactics.

Review video footage of the matches with your tennis coach or playing partner and look at parts of the game you know you have weaknesses, try to see how they cope in the same situation and take this into your practice and playing.

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Game Analysis – Novak Djokovic

Studying the pros and how they play is always good advice to young players. Watching videos of your favourite players will show many good examples of techniques and tactics as well as players temperament.
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Controlling Frustration On Court

You might have the best technique and fitness possible, but other factors are involved with playing well. How you control your emotions on court and level out your temperament is also a key element.

Your tennis coach can possibly help you in the respect, but he will probably refer you to a more qualified consultant dealing in emotions.
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