Hot Shots Competition

Hot Shots Competition

The Hot Shots program is a great way to introduce your kids to tennis, it is a proven system of helping children and young players to develop their game. Tennis techniques and skills are learned through playing in a very fun and enjoyable way. The old strict repetitive reps and waiting in line to play a shot has been replaced by a far more enjoyable and meaningful program.

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Competition Tennis

Along with the Tennis Hot Shots Program there is also Tennis Hot Shot Leagues that are A perfect way for your children to gain experience in team tennis perhaps for first time. There are two leagues to choose from namely the Orange Ball League and the Green Ball League.

Although tennis lessons are a great way to learn technique, competition hones different skills and help youngsters keep motivated to play the game.

Competitiveness goes hand in hand with confidence, and how good the kids think they are. Learners who feel confident will want to compete at a higher level and to expand their horizons.

Players who do not experience a level of competition is more likely to be more reluctant to start competing or can be intimidated to start. And if forced to compete by parents or coaching until they are ready then this could put them off competition for good.

Orange Ball League

This league is for kids from 7 to 10 years old, and the Orange Ball league is aimed at young players who are starting to the game of tennis and have some comprehension of tennis through the Hot Shots program, community playing or from school.

Green Ball League

The Green Ball League is for more advanced players and the kids are playing on a regular basis in the Tennis Hot Shots coaching programs, or have developed through an Orange Ball league. All the competitors are aged between nine and ten years old.

Hot Shots Tennis Leagues are an extension of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots programs that have been embraced by the whole of Australia. They are a perfect way for kids to enjoy competition and pick up other skills such as strategies and planning how to beat an opponent.
The traditional ways of coaching kids tennis did not take into any consideration of the children having fun whilst they were learning. Standing in line waiting for their turn to take their shot both was a waste of time and extremely boring. Hots Shots engages the kids and keeps their attention levels high during the entire lesson, even more so when competition is involved in Hot Shots Leagues.

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