Junior Competitions

 Does your child want to get into some regular and competitive tennis? Then junior competitions are the way forward!!

Junior Competitions Term 4  – 8 week Comp

Starts Monday 21st October – BOOK IN NOW!

  • Monday Red Ball Competition from 4:00 – 5:00pm.
  • Monday Orange Ball Competition from 5:00 – 6:00pm.
  • Friday Green Ball Competition from 4:00 5:30pm.

Weekly Themes:

  1. Open Match Play with Spot prize for “Player of the Day” and “Shot of The Day”
  2. Super Serve Week (Work those ACES)
  3. Doubles Week
  4. Backhand Blitz (Cross Court ‘RULES’ the Court)
  5. Forehand Frenzy (Finish with Force)
  6. Volley – Volley (Get in and put it Away)
  7. Super Tie-Breaker Match Play.
  8. Fab Fun Friday (mix and match of themes)

This is a great starting point for kids interested in playing competitive tennis competitions that mixes between playing singles and doubles.

$100 (Red Ball) for a 8 week term.

$100 (Orange Ball) for a 8 week term.

$140 (Green Ball) for an 8 week term.

Sunday Morning NSTA competitions are available for Green and Yellow Ball players. See pro-shop for details.

If you’re having a “play date” – why not bring your friend along for the afternoon. Only $10.