Tennis Coaching

Controlling Frustration On Court

You might have the best technique and fitness possible, but other factors are involved with playing well. How you control your emotions on court and level out your temperament is also a key element.

Your tennis coach can possibly help you in the respect, but he will probably refer you to a more qualified consultant dealing in emotions.
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Fast 4 Tennis

What Is Fast 4 Tennis

Most reputable clubs such as Tennis World Lane Cove give many opportunities for their members to play various types of the game. In this article we explore the popular world of Fast 4 Tennis that seems to be growing all across Australia.

If your club does not happen to have a Fast 4 Tennis League then simply ask if you can organise one for other like minded members.

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Athlete Development Matrix

What Is The Athlete Development Matrix

Most top tennis clubs in Australia such as Tennis World Lane Cove in Sydney have their own programmes for developing players and coaching new talent.

However, there has been a matrix developed to formulate a specific program to standardise the quality of coaching by Tennis Australia, named the Athlete Development Matrix.

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Lleyton Hewitt

Lleyton’s Hewitt’s New Role At Wimbledon

Lleyton Hewitt is one of the most famous Australian tennis players of recent times, he was the world no.1 in 2001 & 2002 and was the youngest ever player to achieve this status.

He also won the US open in 2001 and the 2002 Wimbledon Championships. In 2016 Lleyton announced his retirement from the professional game.

As the player comes to terms with his retirement he juggled with multiple roles at this year’s Wimbledon and also mentors the next generation of Aussie tennis stars.

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Parents in Tennis

Parents and Tennis

Parents are an important and integral part of tennis in respect to providing support and encouragement to their children.

At Tennis World Lane Cove we offer great family facilities and also offer Hot Shots tennis for the kids.
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Tennis Coaching

Strategies In Tennis

Playing tennis is not just a case of the fittest and best shot player will win the game. Having the correct strategy to embrace your own game and work a way out how to beat your opponent with the tools you have available is vital.

Tennis strategy is one of the four main areas of the game beside technique, physical condition and the mental game.

Below we highlight some of the strategies you can adopt to win a game of tennis and overcome your opponent.
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Tennis Coaching in Sydney

6 Cool Reasons To Play Tennis

Most people know that playing tennis is extremely beneficial to your health for a number of reasons. There are of course the physical benefits of the actual exercise that you are partaking in but also there is the social and psychological benefits also.

Scientists and doctors around the world cite tennis as one of the most healthiest activities that you can play because it delivers overall physical, emotional and mental gains and it will add years to your life.

Listed below are some of the key benefits of playing tennis and ultimately some of the reasons people choose to play the sport.

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Tennis Coaching in Sydney

Winning Shots in Tennis

Tennis is obviously a physically demanding game and fitness levels are of great importance to be successful at competition level. However, in addition to that side of the game another great part of winning a match is strategy.

Strategy can include many factors to overcome your opponent and one of the highest strategies is shot selection. You must select what shots are your best and work on your competitor to let you use them to win points.

Below is a list of some of the top winning shots in tennis, not all of them may suit your own particular game but find out which ones are most suited to you and build a strategy around your armoury.

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Tennis Coaching in Sydney

Tennis Facilities at Tennis World Lane Cove

If you are considering playing tennis in Sydney then you should head straight down to Tennis World Lane Cove.

It has facilities next to none and can accommodate experienced players as well as novices and athletes of any age.

Located at 180 River Road Lane Cove in Sydney, it is ideal for locals and office workers alike to practise their favourite sport.

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Tennis Coaching in Sydney

Tennis Basics – Shots in Tennis

There are some standard tennis shots every tennis player must have as part of their game to be able to participate in the sport.

There are additional trick shots and embellishments that make an average player a good player but these can be added once the basics have been learned.

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