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John McEnroe - Game Analysis

John McEnroe – Game Analysis

Watching the professionals play tennis can give you a good insight how to play the game as they do. You can pick up invaluable tips and a number of ways to improve your technique as well as learning strategy and tactics.

Review video footage of the matches with your tennis coach or playing partner and look at parts of the game you know you have weaknesses, try to see how they cope in the same situation and take this into your practice and playing.

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Groundstroke Drills

Groundstroke Drills

Practicing drills with your tennis coach might not be the most interesting way to improve your technique, but it has been proven that with constant repetition that the brain learns to accept new things.

One of the first shots you have to master is groundstroke shots, these are the bread and butter of any player’s game and unfortunately there is no easy way to learn but practice.

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Lessons From The Pros

Lessons From The Pro’s

Watching professionals and top players at tournaments is always a good indicator how your game is in comparison.

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The Advantage Of Taking Balls Early

The Advantage Of Taking Balls Early

It is advisable to introduce the tactical part of playing tennis early in your coaching sessions, to augment the technical and fitness part of your programme.

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Effective Tennis Practice

What makes tennis practice effective? And what does not? Many players use the same routines over and over again and never change, then they wonder why they have stopped improving.

Most athletes get the most enjoyment from their sport when they are improving. It is good to remind your tennis coach to keep things fresh and to change routines.

Anybody can improve their game no matter how old or at what level. The solution is to find the best practice sessions that a tailor made to improving your game.

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Tips To Improve Your Tennis Game

Even if you regularly practice and have sessions with your coach often, sometimes it is good to have a third party or a fresh pair of eyes look at your game.

Plus there are many internet sites with a list of ex-pro’s and coaches offering tips and shortcuts for your tennis game. You must however, take this information with a pinch of salt, tennis tips will not transform your game, only focused work will do that.

This blog provides four tennis tips that can be used to augment the rest of your training regime and should not be taken in isolation, but can be included in your routines.

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5 Great Reasons for Tennis Warm Ups

Warming up effectively before you compete in any sport is critical to maximise efficiency and to cut down on injuries. In tennis it is particularly important due to the constant pressure on the player.

Discuss with your coach what he advises are the best warm up exercises are suitable to you and your body.

We have highlighted 5 areas that it is most important to concentrate on before you play your game.


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Tactical Tennis Drills

The following drills are really for beginners and intermediate players who already have the basics and solid ball control, but need to work on improving spin and decision making skills.

Basic tennis tactics focus on moving the opponent, and in order to do that the players must be accurate with their shots and you which options are possible.

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Master Your Game With Your Mind

For a long time now sports psychologists and sports coaches have recognised the connection between the mind and playing sport effectively.

One such psychologist demonstrated the role of the mind in learning and playing tennis and how in a lot of cases it is the biggest obstacle in reaching peak performance. He formulated a list of inner obstacles that could affect a player’s game:- fear, self-confidence, poor concentration, trying too hard, self-condemnation, anger, frustration and high expectations.

On the face of it, things look daunting but the solutions are few and simple, and you can introduce them in your practise games and coaching sessions.

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