Adult Tennis

Game Analysis – Novak Djokovic

Studying the pros and how they play is always good advice to young players. Watching videos of your favourite players will show many good examples of techniques and tactics as well as players temperament.
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Tennis Court Surfaces

What Are The Different Types Of Tennis Court Surfaces

What are the differences between clay, grass and concrete courts and how do the surfaces affect different players.

Have you ever wondered why Michael Chang excelled on the clay courts in the 1990’s while the great Pete Sampras, who has won all the major Grand Slams, has never won a Grand Slam played on a clay surface.

There are three main types of surfaces for courts; grass, hard-court (concrete) and clay.

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Prevention of Tennis Injuries

As a fast impact sport, tennis can lead to a group of common injuries that are synonymous with making sharp, fast movements around the court.

Tennis Elbow, shoulder and stress injuries, stress fractures and muscle strains are amongst the most popular.

All these injuries can be most debilitating and if not treated immediately can lead to long term injury and rehabilitation. It is a common practice for players, especially not professionals, to play on with niggling injuries which just exacerbates the whole situation.
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Corporate Tennis as a Team Building Event

When I set out to write about corporate tennis as a team building event, I must admit I had some doubts. My research suggests that there are many outlets that claim to use tennis in a team building manner and this is no doubt correct. However, it presupposes that all members of your team enjoy and are capable of participation in sporting activities.The reality is, that is not likely to be the case.  The result will be either that participation is voluntary – which can actually have the opposite effect by separating the team into 2 polar groups, the willing and able, and the unable or uninterested. Even worse would be forcing Continue Reading

Tennis Elbow and How to Avoid it

Tennis elbow is the common term used to describe a particular form of tendinitis that your doctor might call “Lateral Epicondylitis”.

It is an inflammation or swelling of the tendons that causes pain in the elbow and arm.  It should be noted that tennis elbow is caused by any activity that with repetitive motion that puts stress on your forearm. As such it is not limited to tennis players, but to anyone engaged in these types of activities such as other racquet sports, construction, and even knitting.
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